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We are a Product based technology company based out of Delhi, National Capital Region Of India who help small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs around the world to get more traffic and sales in their business using our premium marketing apps.

Starting in Oct 2015, We have empowered over 123,900 businesses around the world and have a record of turning many struggling startups from 0 to self-funding multi-million dollar brands within months by helping them in Marketing.

Jai Sharma Solutions is one of the top marketing software sellers in the world with a strong track record of producing over "20", 6 figure launches ($100k+) where $100k was done in less than seven days on every single project.

We are a team of a passionate technocrat, marketers, and developers who are always on search mode to find new innovative methods and technologies to craft a needful solution for startups, entrepreneurs, and medium-sized businesses.

From the past three years, Hundreds of Start-ups, Entrepreneurs and Established Brands approach us to launch their new product Online We craft, create and launch the campaign of their new product for the first 7 days entry into the market which kick start the success of product with maximum exposure worldwide and huge revenue in returns which make them Self-funded projects for years saving them from a vicious cycle of Investor funding.

Our CEO and other team members have won numerous awards at marketing conferences owing to our expertise copywriting, marketing apps and sales funnels strategies and regularly invited to speak on various topics in world level conferences across the globe.

As an action tacker and responsible industry leader, Our zeal to search for new methods and technologies is aimed to help grow individuals, startups, entrepreneurs, and companies. And that's the reason behind his tremendous growth in such a fierce competition.

Our Motto "Idea is the mother genesis of the business," This has helped us turn most innovative ideas into Product which helped millions of entrepreneurs around the world and solidify us as one of the top marketing software companies in the world

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